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Piracy Protection   |   Protection for your Development Investment.  An optional addition to Enigma


Software piracy is a perennial problem.  The Enigma system can include Piracy Protection measures.  These can be incorporated into an Enigma developed application.

If you intend to market your Enigma development then this addition is recommended.

Piracy Protection will check whenever the application is accessed that it is a legitimate copy; not a pirate copy.  This check is internal to the system and does not rely upon access to the Internet.  Where the check fails, the application will abort and will continue to abort until the situation is corrected.

Protected applications can be backed up*, restored into the original location and moved from one location to another.  They will not operate from a copied version.

This Anti-Piracy provision is an optional addition to Enigma that can be incorporated in any application developed using the Enigma application development platform.


* Backup must be done using true backup software: e.g. Windows Backup and Restore.  Backup done using a copy utility will not allow correct restoration to the original location and consequently will indicate that the restored application is a pirate copy.