Net2Core® |

Net2Core®  |  Cyber-Security by Design


Central to the Enigma application development platform is the Net2Core® structure.

Net2Core® is a patented software design.  It is implemented using Enigma: which provides an easy, powerful way to benefit from the Cyber-Security inherent in Net2Core®.


The structure provides security for the data in the Core Database due to its design.  Everything contributes to providing Cyber-Security for your data –

  1. The system is separated into two “Domains”. The Local Domain should not be accessible through the Internet.  It can be placed in any environment that can be connected to the Internet Domain and the Net Database: e.g. via a LAN to a separate computer.
  2. The Core Database holds all the protected data. It should have all the usual protection applied: e.g. Encryption, Password.
  3. The Core System provides the ONLY path to the Core Database. It should be a compiled program.  Compiled programs are difficult to decipher, hence access to the Core Database becomes harder.
  4. The Net Database contains the request to be processed by the Core system and the results from that processing. Both request and results are held transiently and are deleted as soon as retrieved by the Core or Net System as appropriate: see 7 below as well.  This database also has the usual protection applied and can be placed in either the Net Domain or the Core Domain.
  5. The Core system is only operational when initiated by the Net System. This initiation provides the access key required to retrieve the request from the Net Database.  Initiation and Request must match at the same time which is very difficult to reproduce.
  6. The Net System in the Internet Domain is the only interface directly accessible to the User. It is a Client/Server application. Access to it can be protected by the usual Login, Password or Terminal recognition methods, or in less conventional ways: please refer to GateWay for more detail.
  7. The whole Net2Core® structure is consistent in its transient existence. Each User has a unique copy of the Net System Client/Server process.  The Server process only exists for the User while processing a request from the Client system.  When required the Server will cause a specific copy of the Core System to be loaded.  When the Core System concludes its process it will notify the Net System and unload.