GateWay |

GateWay  |  Access Control and Monitoring.
An optional addition to Enigma


GateWay enhances the Cyber-security gained by using ENIGMA to develop Browser Enabled applications.


It is additional to the Net2Core® structure and should be applied whenever Logins, Passwords and other traditional access controls are unavailable due to the requirements of the application.

Addition of a GateWay also allows access to the application to be monitored and recorded without diminishing the capacity of the Net System in the Net2Core® structure. The structure is organised so that all the Enigma developed programs are flagged to be invisible to Internet search engines: Google, Bing, Etc.

The GateWay is located in the main Web Site for the organisation.  Access to the main Web Site is visible to the Internet Search engines.  A request is made by a User for access to the system using the GateWay and, if granted, all subsequent Client/Server communication is between the User and the Enigma developed application.  The Enigma developed application will check that every initial access has been requested through the GateWay.  If not, the application aborts.

Not only does using a GateWay allow the Enigma developed application to verify the legitimacy of access to the application, but a GateWay can also throttle attempts to access the system using a “robot” to thwart security measures by trial and error.

GateWay also allows –

  • monitoring the source of an access request so that repetitive requests from a single source can be rejected.
  • monitoring of the access load being placed on the Enigma developed application to control overload of the application.
  • collection of other statistics if desired.

When a GateWay is applied this way there is no additional complexity, or load, placed on the Enigma developed application to control unwelcome events.

GateWay is an optional addition to the Enigma application development platform.