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ENIGMA | Automated Application Development Software


Enigma provides –

  • Simplified, reduced application development effort
  • On-going development during Analysis and Design
  • Flexibility to include application specific requirements
  • Security for your data
  • Consistency throughout the application
  • Discipline; changes are applied to the whole application


The Enigma package uses simple interfaces to define –

  • the Data,
  • the Transactions (combinations of Data),
  • the Programs (sequences of Transactions),
  • the User Interface (the screen required for each program),
  • the Navigation between Programs
  • the Business Rules and,
  • the Application Database (expected to be normalised).


Throughout the definition process Enigma creates a database to hold Selection and Option List values, a three tier Menu structure and provision for Operator access security.

Using the definitions, Enigma will generate operational applications utilising the Net2Core® Cyber-Security structure into an application specific library.

Generation of the Enigma programs provides consistency in data editing, formatting and presentation.  The use of pre-defined code by the generator reduces, and simplifies, application testing.  Typically more than 99% of code is generated using Artificial Intelligence to assemble proven code.

Facilities are available for intervention in the Programs.  Intervention allows operations to be created that are not available through standard generation.

Applications developed using Enigma can be operated from the Desktop, on a Local server or through a Windows compatible Internet browser.  All operate as Client/Server applications. The Net2Core® structure provides Inherent Cyber-Security within the generated application.  If Internet access to the application through a browser is required, it is recommended that the implementation also uses a GateWay to provide increased protection.